Hur man använder Eyracure

1. Shampoo and brush through your hair

Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to get rid of substances that may block the treatment. Then towel dry thoroughly. Brush through your hair with a regular hairbrush to sort out any tangles.

2. Mix the mix

Cut off the corner of the bags and pour the contents from No. 1 (powder) and No. 2 (liquid) in the mixing bottle, No. 3. Fill lukewarm water up to the line on the bottle, turn on the nozzle and shake well until you see that the mixture has dissolved.

3. Spray through the hair

Cover your shoulders / neck with a towel to protect your skin. Divide the hair and spray passé by passé, from root to tip. The spray does not have to sit in for a certain time to give effect.

4. Brush your hair with your UV brush

Turn on the UV brush and brush thoroughly through your entire hair with the light on to activate the repairing molecules. The hair should be covered with UV light at least once. If you are unsure if you missed a part, brush again.

5. Rinse and embalm

Rinse the hair with water and finish the treatment with any conditioner to bring moisture back into the hair. If you have very damaged hair, see the box on the back. The effect of the treatment is most noticeable after 2-3 days when your hair is back to normal.

Helps damaged hair

If your hair is very damaged from, for example, bleaching, it is very dry or you feel "my hair is falling out", you can start with an intensive treatment and do another treatment after a week when your hair is back to its normal routine. We do not recommend doing more treatments than that at short intervals. Wait 6 - 8 weeks before you do your next treatment and continue your journey from worn hair to shiny hair!