How to use shampoo and brush against damaged and dry hair

  1. Wash your hair with any shampoo and towel dry it thoroughly. Brush through the hair with a regular hairbrush to sort out any tangles. 
  2. Pour the contents from No. 1 and No. 2 in the spray bottle. Add water to the line on the bottle (30 ml) and turn on the nozzle. Shake gently until the mixture dissolves in the bottle.
  3. Cover shoulders / neck with a towel to protect the skin. Spray through the hair from root to tip. Make sure the spray covers the entire hair. The spray does not have to sit in for a certain time to give effect.  
  4. Turn on the UV brush and brush thoroughly through the entire hair with the light on. The candle should cover the entire hair at least once. 
  5. Rinse your hair with water and finish the treatment with any conditioner. 

    Helps damaged hair

    If you have damaged or dry hair and feel that "my hair is falling out". So you can repair damaged hair by doing another treatment after a week when the hair is back to its normal routine and you can feel if it still feels very damaged or if you have not got less split ends and more volume in the hair. We do not recommend doing more treatments than that at such short intervals. But then you do additional treatment after 6-8 weeks to go from worn hair to shiny hair. This is also a good shampoo for colored hair.

    Frequently asked questions about the treatment

    What batteries do I need for the brush?
    You need two AA batteries. 

    How do I mount the batteries in the UV brush?
    The batteries are mounted with minus (-) in the upward direction towards the brush head. 

    How much water should I refill?
    You should add water to the line on the bottle label. 

    How often should I use Eyracure True Hair Repair? 
    The treatment lasts up to 8 weeks and then you can repeat it. 

    My hair is very damaged, can I use two doses? 
    If your hair is very damaged, you may need two frequent treatments to get the full effect on dry and fresh hair. Read above how to apply two doses.

    Do I need to wash my hair before the treatment? 
    Yes, the treatment should start with shampooing to open up hair strands and moisturize the hair. Then use Eyracure and finish with conditioner.

    Can I save the mist after mixing it? 
    The mist should be consumed within 48 hours of being mixed as it wants to be as natural as possible and contains only a very small amount of natural preservative. However, we recommend using the full dose immediately. 

    Does the mist need to sit in for a certain period of time? 
    No, you just need to apply the spray and brush immediately after.