We believe in natural, effective hair care that works for a long time, on all hair
Eyracure has been developed by several researchers with great expertise who understood the need to create environmentally friendly hair care products that repair and restore the hair to its original quality. Our formula contains only ingredients of the highest quality and is free of perfume, sulphates, silicones and parabens.

A healthy hair is made up of protein that consists of amino acids linked to disulfide bonds. What happens when the hair is damaged is that the bonds between the amino acids are broken. The molecules in Eyracure react to the UV light in our hairbrush and create a strong covalent connection between the molecules and the broken bonds in the hair. The strong coupling repairs the damage, such as weakenings and split tops. The result? A healthy, beautiful hair with more shine and less frizz!

What does Eyracure do?

Due to physical and chemical treatments, millions of people suffer from hair fiber injuries. The damage changes the physical condition of the hair, which leads to changes in the hair's function and hair loss. To date, there are several hair care products on the market that provide a temporary solution that requires constantly repeated treatments, but none that repair damaged hair for a long time. 


Eyracure is a scientifically proven product for hair repair. The product repairs and protects the hair with the help of natural molecules. Eyracure repairs the broken bonds in the hair that cause split ends and damage to the hair shaft. Due to its moisturizing properties, Eyracure helps your hair regain the right feeling. After the treatment, the damaged hair regains all its original strengths.

Behind Eyracure

Eyracure was started by multidisciplinary researchers with expertise in several subject areas ranging from biomedicine to nanotechnology.

We saw a need to create a product that could really repair damage with a simple treatment and with a long lasting result. After many years of research and studies on the hair's reactionary and biological conditions, the goal was finally reached and Eyracure was founded.

Our products are proven, environmentally friendly and work effectively for all hair types. Eyracure is a time-efficient product that only needs to be applied and brushed out with the specially developed UV brush. The effects on the hair are visible long after the treatment. We recommend using Eyracure only every 6-8 weeks.

The goal of Eyracure is to deliver a scientifically proven and durable product that repairs all hair types. The product is completely organic and is developed for long-term hair repair with a time-efficient process.


How does Eyracure work?

Eyracure contains molecules and UV light from our hairbrush. The molecules are sprayed and the UV rays from the hairbrush are illuminated, which crosslinks the molecules in a damaged place in a hair fiber to repair the damage by forming a covalent connection between the broken bonds on the damaged hairs.

Eyracure is a time-efficient product and a treatment takes between 10-15 minutes and the effects are direct, already after a treatment you will see and feel the difference in your damaged hair for up to 8 weeks.