More power, less time

After spending years in the laboratory, the researchers behind Eyracure found the magic formula. A unique molecular sequence that restores damaged hair to its healthy, original state. The revolutionary discovery BioLAP-20 ™ acts like the natural structure of the hair and repairs damage deeply, with long-lasting results. It's the new generation bond builder - better, stronger and more effective than any previous hair care you've tested.

BioLAP-20 ™ is a plant-based molecule that is activated with energy from UV light and creates strong connections, similar to the hair's own sulphate bonds. When your hair is damaged, due to everyday and chemical wear and tear, the hair's fiber proteins are broken down. This creates problems in the core structure of the hair and as a result, strength, elasticity and luster are lost. 

The fiber proteins consist mainly of keratin, where individual amino acids are linked by disulfide bonds, hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds and hydrophobic bonds. The treatment is clinically proven to reconstruct the broken bonds and allows the hair to regain its natural function and strength.

The science is complex, but the treatment is all the simpler; spray, brush, marvel!