Hair stories: Elin

Hair stories: Elin

Hi Elin! How long have you been using Eyracure?
Now I have used it for a little more than six months and done 4 treatments.


How would you describe your hair?
I have long, thick hair with a lot of self-esteem. Think of that wavy "surf hair". When I was younger, it was glossy, healthy and wavy with a lot of volume by itself. Since I turned 40, it has become more matte and fresh and flat rather than wavy and thick. After treatment no. 2 with Eyracure, the hair felt like my hair again! My surfer-girl curls were back. After 4 treatments, the fresh feeling has almost completely disappeared.

Now I do a treatment as soon as I notice that that soft, light feeling becomes less. For me, it works well with a refill about every 6 weeks.

Have you tried any other treatments?
I have previously tried Olaplex which was a total disappointment, my hair became rough and felt much more worn after both the first and second treatment. I also bought their shampoo and conditioner and used it for a while, but without any effect.

Now I use Eyracure instead, a vegan shampoo cake and a good conditioner cake and that's all I need.

Anything else you want to add?
I love Eyracure. It does not promise gold and green forests, it actually works for real.