5 tips för att ta hand om lockigt hår

5 tips to take care of your curly hair

Throw away the straightener, it's time to make friends with your curly hair! It is not easy to find your way in the jungle of advice and products for curly hair, but here are our top five tips for nice, soft and healthy curls.

1. Dry your hair with a cotton sweater or microfiber towel.
Instead of using a terry towel for your hair, change to a sweater or a microfiber towel. Ordinary towels make curly hair fresh and fluffy. Using softer materials instead is gentler and makes the hair retain moisture better.

Switch to sulfate and silicone free products
Sulfates are fat-soluble and effective in getting rid of oil and grease in the hair, but if you have curly hair, you know that the last thing you want to get rid of the dry curls is the natural fat. Sulfates dry out the hair from the inside, which creates frizz and makes the hair dull. Silicone settles like a film over the hair and makes it feel soft and shiny, but it actually dries out and creates "build-ups" that weigh down the curls.

By replacing sulphates and silicones, the hair will regain its natural moisture and density, which gives a healthier hair with more well-defined curls. Eyracure True Hair Repair is free of both sulfates and silicones, adds moisture and repairs damaged hair. The result is more well-defined curls and less frizz!

3. Sleep with your hair up.
… Or get satin pillowcases. By sleeping with the hair loosely arranged in a knot or with a satin knot, the friction between hair and pillow is reduced. This results in fewer tangles and less damaged tops. Another plus is that the hair retains the fine curls better and it becomes easier to style the next day!

4. Let it be!
You've probably heard "Scrunch!" a million times and yes, once you have applied your curling cream, oil and gel, you should scrunch (squeeze the curls in your hand in an upward motion). Once you have done that, leave your hair alone! A curly hair feels best by air drying or possibly drying with a diffuser and cold air. Do not scrunch or touch the hair when it dries as this separates the curls and makes it fresh. Instead, wait until your hair is completely dry before gently squeezing out stiff curls. Voila, well-defined curls!

5. Moisture, moisture, moisture.
The curlers' best friend. Moisture! A dry hair is a fresh hair and you get nice curls by adding lots of moisture. Use hair masks and moisturizing products regularly. Try to squeeze the moisture into tops and lengths where the hair is usually driest and feel free to leave some conditioner.