4 tecken på att ditt hår är skadat

4 signs that your hair is damaged

The hair is constantly exposed to stresses that lead to damage. Bleaching and coloring, weather and wind, clothes and heating tools are just some of the things that can affect the quality of the hair. Some hairs do more than others, but how do you know that your hair is really damaged? 

1. Shiny hair
Dull hair is due to the fact that the surface of the hair is damaged and the keratin in the hair has been broken down. It creates small jacks in the hair where dirt and dust end up. Because hair in its healthy state is completely smooth, these small jackets mean that the light is not reflected in the same way, and the hair therefore does not look as shiny anymore.

 2. Split tops
Split ends are caused by some form of damage to the hair. This can be from overexposure to the sun, heating tools, chemical treatment or excessive brushing. The hair is not only split at the tops, but can also be split in the middle, which gives a fresh impression and a lot of baby hair. Once the hair has started to be split, it continues to be split upwards until a part falls off. This leaves hair strands weak and prone to fall off completely. The hair is usually split as a result of the hair being dried out and damaged.

Tangle, tangle, tangle
Hair damaged by e.g. bleaching gets a coarser surface layer that "sticks" together and creates tangles. Just like in dull hair, the small jackets on the surface of the hair are the culprit.

4. Dry and brittle
Dry and damaged hair are often referred to as two different hair conditions. But really, dry hair is the same as damaged hair. When the protective surface condition is destroyed, the moisture disappears and leaves the hair dry and brittle. Dry hair easily becomes electric, frizzy and can withstand stress less.


What can be done about damaged hair?

The first step is to work proactively to avoid damaging hair. Use good products, minimize the use of heating tools and think about what could be the culprit behind your damaged hair. If you check several of the things on the list and have already damaged hair, you can treat your hair with Eyracure.

Eyracure permanently repairs the surface of the hair and is the first hair treatment that can really repair the damage to the hair shaft. With the help of the environmentally friendly molecules that bind to the hair shaft with UV light, the surface condition of the hair is restored. The split ends are "glued" together again, the moisture is bound in and the hair gets a fresh shine and shine.