Så enkelt räddar du skadat hår

That's how easy it is to save damaged hair

A hairbrush that gives off UV light and a spray with organic molecules. Together, they repair damaged hairs and make your hair strong, healthy and shiny again. Here's everything you need to know about Eyracure.

Is your hair dry, brittle and dull? This means that your hair is damaged. Daily wear and tear, such as brushing, hair sets, hair products and hot styling tools, affects the hair strands and damages them over time.

You can try to temporarily moisturize your hair with the help of various products, such as wraps and hair masks. What happens is that the products settle like a film on the hair shaft, which makes it softer and more compliant. But it disappears after a few washes and leaves the hair as dry and fresh as before.

Now there is a completely new technology that uses repairing molecules and UV light to make damaged hair strong and healthy again. Petter Sivlér and Ranjithkumar Ravichandran are the researchers and innovators behind the method.

- We have created a treatment that not only gives a coating on the hair. It repairs the hairs for real, without chemicals or anything else that is bad for the body and the environment, says Petter Sivlér.

Lasts longer than similar treatments and repairs in depth

Eyracure consists of organic molecules that feel like hair and behave like your real hair. Simply described, the molecules repair the hair shaft. Just like when you putty a wall and fill in the holes, the organic molecules fill in the damage to your hair strands, instead of settling on the surface like other similar treatments on the market.

But to activate the molecules, energy is needed. This is where the UV brush comes in.

- We chose UV light because it is gentle, but without the dangerous wavelengths that sunlight provides. The whole hair needs to be shone through, and that is why the light is in a brush, says Petter Sivlér.

Scientifically tested method

The brush is scientifically and independently tested by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden.

The researchers also conducted tests when they developed the method.

- During our tests, we could see that the hair not only felt healthier but that the hairs were also repaired and thickened. In addition, you only need to do the treatment at intervals of about six to eight weeks, says Ranjithkumar Ravichandran, who has many years of experience in producing organic biomaterial that can be operated on into the human body.

Eyracure can be used on all hair types, regardless of whether you have thin, thick, straight or curly hair. The treatment also works on extensions and wigs.

- We humans have always wanted to have healthy and beautiful hair, so this problem has always existed. It is incredibly fun to see how those who test our treatment come back and feel that it really works, says Petter Sivlér.


This is how the treatment works

You mix the molecule mixture yourself and spray them on shampooed and towel-dried hair. Then brush your hair with the UV brush and wash your hair with your usual conditioner. You only need to do the treatment about six to eight weeks apart.

This is Eyracure

Eyracure is suitable for all hair types and has been developed by researchers. The treatment repairs the hair in depth while being free of perfume, sulfates and parabens. Eyracure contains molecules that are sprayed on the hair and which are activated with a UV light brush. You spray the molecules in the hair and shine with the UV rays from the hairbrush. A treatment with Eyracure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Even after a treatment, you can see and feel the difference in your damaged hair for up to eight weeks.