Reparera skadat hår hemma – på bara 10 minuter

Repair damaged hair at home - in just 10 minutes

The hair is lifeless and dry. No matter how much you take care of it, it will not be good. The only thing left is to cut it off, right? Calm in the hair storm, there is an effective way to get rid of damaged hair - without having to go to the hairdresser and cut it.

Does the hair feel dry, the hair ends fall off easily - and does it feel fast? Then you probably have damaged hairs. Damaged hair occurs for several different reasons. The most common causes are heating tools such as straighteners, sloppy brushing and chemical treatments such as bleaching or dyeing.

Conditioners and wraps are short-term solutions that do not repair the hair in the long run. Many people believe that the only solution is to cut their hair to try to save what can be saved. But that is not true.

You can protect your hair from future damage by taking care of it properly. Be careful when brushing your hair, avoid heat styling in the hair and use heat protection if you feel you want to style with heating tools. But there is also a simple solution that repairs your hair without you having to cut it.

vackert hår

Easy treatment at home

A healthy hair is made up of protein that consists of amino acids that are bound to each other. What happens when the hair is damaged is that the bonds between the amino acids are broken. Eyracure is a new treatment that repairs the broken bonds in the hair that cause split ends and damage to the hair shaft.

How to use Eyracure

Eyracure repairs damaged hairs from the ground up. You do the treatment yourself at home. Use ten minutes at intervals of about six to eight weeks.

5 easy steps to healthier hair

  1. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Towel dry your hair.
  2. Mix the contents of the two products in a spray bottle. Fill with water and shake the mixture.
  3. Spray through the entire hair, from root to tip. 
  4. Turn on the UV brush and brush through the entire hair at least once.
  5. Rinse your hair with water and finish with your usual conditioner.

This is Eyracure

Eyracure is suitable for all hair types and has been developed by researchers. The treatment repairs the hair in depth while being free of perfume, sulfates and parabens. Eyracure contains molecules that are sprayed on the hair and which are activated with a UV light brush. You spray the molecules in the hair and shine with the UV rays from the hairbrush. A treatment with Eyracure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Even after a treatment, you can see and feel the difference in your damaged hair for up to eight weeks.