"Min frisör undrade vad min hemlighet var"

"My hairdresser wondered what my secret was"

Hi Emilia! Who are you?
I am a 24, soon to be 25-year-old, from Stockholm who has just started working after studying for a few years. I like to be creative, brunch and photography.

Why did you want to try Eyracure?
It felt exciting to test hair care with the science behind it, to see if it actually makes a difference. The fact that Eyracure is a scientifically developed product made it feel more credible than other hair products I have seen on the market.


How was your hair before the treatment?
I do not dye or use a lot of products, so my hair is relatively good. I still experience that my hair easily becomes frizzy and that I get very split ends.

What did you think of the treatment?
First, the treatment was very easy to do! Then I noticed a difference right after. It was just the difference that made me realize that my hair did not actually feel great before. After the treatment, the hair really felt so soft, shiny and smooth. It felt like when I flattened it, even though I did not!


Had recommended Eyracure to a friend, and if so, why?
I would definitely have done that! Especially people with more damaged hair than I have. Because I noticed such a big difference in luster and shine, I am sure that someone with really damaged hair would get superb results with Eyracure.

Anything else you have on your mind? 
Yes! I received a comment from my hairdresser a week after the treatment that my hair was much softer and smoother. She wondered what my secret was 🙈