Här är den nya generationen hårvård – framtagen av forskare

Here is the new generation of hair care - developed by researchers

Are you tired of hair care products that promise to repair your hair strands and fix your tangled hair but who does not keep what they promise or must be done every week? Now there is a new treatment on the market that gives you strong and healthy hair for a long time.
- We have created a long-term solution. Eyracure also works on all hair types, says Petter Sivlér, one of the founders behind the treatment.


Petter Sivlér and Ranjithkumar Ravichandran got to know each other during their doctoral studies in biomedicine at Linköping University in 2013. After completing their studies, they met in their common interest in biomaterials - and how it can be used in the human body.

How did you come up with the idea for Eyracure?

- Man has always wanted to have strong and healthy hair, but few have managed to solve the problem. We felt we had a solution, but the challenge was to find a method that was both environmentally friendly, effective and that can gently repair damaged hairs, says Petter Sivlér.

Today, there are a plethora of hair care products on the market that promise that they can do everything from repairing hair at the cellular level to repairing tangled hair. But few live up to their promises. What happens is that the products settle like a film on the hair shaft, which makes it softer and more compliant. But it disappears after a few washes and leaves the hair as dry and fresh as before.

What is different about Eyracure?

- There are only a few other products that create a long-term repair of the hair. In most cases, a synthetic material is used that settles as a film on the hair. Eyracure is completely organic. The molecules settle in the hair shaft and both feel like hair - and behave like hair. Eyracure repairs the hair with a long-lasting effect as a result, says Petter Sivlér.

Why is research important?

- Creating a long-term repair of the hair is complex. Through our research, we can prove that Eyracure works on all hair types, such as Scandinavian hair, thick hair, curly hair and afro hair. We have many customers who have had problems with fresh, thin or damaged hair for most of their lives. They have seen an improvement in their hair quality after just one treatment, says Ranjithkumar Ravichandran.

You do the treatment with Eyracure yourself at home. The product contains organic molecules that are sprayed on the hair. Molecules settle in the hair shaft and behave like the body's own cells. You mix the molecule mixture yourself and spray it on freshly washed hair. Then you brush through the hair with the UV brush and moisturize the hair with your usual conditioner. With the help of light from the UV brush, the molecules are activated. You only need to do the treatment about six to eight weeks apart.


This is Eyracure

Eyracure is suitable for all hair types and has been developed by researchers. The treatment repairs the hair in depth while being free of perfume, sulfates and parabens. Eyracure contains molecules that are sprayed on the hair and which are activated with a UV light brush. You spray the molecules in the hair and shine with the UV rays from the hairbrush. A treatment with Eyracure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Even after a treatment, you can see and feel the difference in your damaged hair for up to eight weeks.