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Eyracure & BioLAP-20

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Hair care that revolutionizes

Damaged hair - never again

We have probably all experienced the hopeless feeling of damaged hair at some point. So far, there have only been products that give a short-term effect or that require you to constantly replenish more, but none that with a treatment repair the hair long-term. Until now.

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For us, the science behind hair care is a matter of course. Eyracure was developed by prominent researchers in biomedicine who saw the need for a product that really works. With the new technology that binds molecules similar to the hair's natural structure of keratin, a long-lasting effect is created that does not disappear after a few washes or needs constant maintenance. 

The treatment restores the hair to its natural, healthy state and gives you a hair with luster, elasticity and strength. With the highest quality ingredients and a formula without sulphates, silicones and parabens, Eyracure is created.

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Six months of great hair

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Vägen till friskt hår!

Vägen till friskt hår!

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